Is this an April Fool’s story or true?

I see dead people. And understand what dogs say too.

My husband didn’t know this about me when we got married because we really didn’t know each other that long. He proposed on our 3rd date and we were married 6 months later in Las Vegas.

He also didn’t know there are many ghosts in my family. Some have been with us since I was a little girl and others are new. They hang out and tell us all sorts of stuff. Not by talking, but with signs.

We told my husband about them and he didn’t believe us, but he didn’t necessarily not believe us either.

We rented a ranch house in a suburb of Denver with my mom, sister, brother, and cousin. It had a big finished basement where my cousin lived which had a bedroom, bathroom, and entertainment room. The front room had different paint and wall paper trim on every wall. It was a strange home with a creepy factor.

There were events that took place in the home which made it unsafe for us. Here are a few of those events.

1. One night while we slept, my husband shook me to wake up. “What do you want?,” I said. “There’s a little boy jumping up and down on our bed,” he replied. I looked where he pointed and saw nothing. He then told me the boy floated away. I said, “Welcome to my world.”

2. Another night my brother was getting ready to go to bed. He wanted to ensure that we all knew he was wearing his watch to bed. Made a real big deal about it. When he woke the next morning, he put his arm up to show us his watch was off. We were like; so?? He explained that he wears his watch to bed and does not take it off. Yet when he woke up, it was on the dresser. I reminded him that when he gets stressed he sleep walks and maybe he did it to himself in the middle of the night and took it off. He said absolutely not, he felt “someone” take it off.

3. We had Super Nintendo setup on the tv in the basement and the guys always played Mortal Kombat on it. One night while playing, they felt “someone” watching them. An evil feeling. The next morning when my cousin woke up, there were toys on the floor in the entertainment room. These were not there before and no children lived in the house with us.

4. I came home from work one day and walked through the front door, put my keys and purse on the table next to the door, and kicked off my shoes.

The doorbell rang and I answered it. No one was there. Must be ding dong ditchem, I thought.

I closed the door and turned around to walk away. Only took one step away from the door. The doorbell rang. I was right there and answered it. No one was there.

I grabbed my keys and purse, ran out the door barefoot, left the door wide open, and drove away from the house.

I drove around the block until someone came home.

It was my brother and cousin that got home first.

I told them what happened.

5. The landlord told us they had professional cleaners clean the home, but my mom and me didn’t think they did a good job, so we cleaned the house and appliances ourselves.

We cleaned the refrigerator inside and out and put our food in it.

The next morning we woke up and there were dead cockroaches in the fridge.

A few days later the fridge broke and we told our landlord that he had to buy us a new one.

He refused to get a new one and brought a used one.

He cleaned it out in the garage before we brought it in the house.

My mom and me cleaned it again once it was in the house.

We put our food in it and went to bed.

The next morning there were cockroaches in the fridge.

The next day my husband told the landlord about the new problem and told him we were moving out. My husband also told him we wanted our full deposit back.

The landlord said yes.

We lived there only six weeks.

We went to look for a new rental home.

There was an ad for a home big enough for all of us in a different area of this suburb.

My husband and me went to check it out. It was disgusting!

But the owner seemed so sad. He told us his son recently died. Him and his wife had a hard time with their son’s death and wanted to move out of the house because of the memories they had there.

He showed us a picture of his son and it was a boy I knew! Well not while alive. He was a ghost who visited me.

He died in a playground and the police said his cause of death was an accident. But I knew differently.

We told this man that we would clean his house and move in.

So my mom and me scrubbed it down and we all moved in.

Our new landlord allowed pets. So we brought our dog from California to come live with us.

We were happy there.

Our dog even made a friend with the dog next door.

That dog told our dog that it was always left outside and on a chain.

Our dog was sad for her friend. She would sit there for hours talking to the other dog.

How do I know this? Because our dog told me.

Our landlord was a kind man. It was a good home with good memories.

One day the doorbell rang and it was a man and lady we’ve never met. The man handed my husband some papers.

He said we were being evicted.

We said absolutely not, we paid our rent every month.

He asked who we paid and we told him our landlord.

He said our landlord was the owner and he hadn’t paid his mortgage in months!

He said we could pay the mortgage to him.

My husband said nope. He told this man we would live there the next month too, since we paid an extra month for a down payment.

We were sad for our landlord and all he had been through, but knew we had to leave.

Everyone decided to go their separate ways.

My husband and me decided to buy a house. While everyone else continued to rent.

We got a realtor but we weren’t sure where we wanted to live. He suggested we drive around Colorado and see what area we liked.

So we got on 225 and took I25 South.

We got off the highway in a small town named Castle Rock.

We drove to a quiet secluded neighborhood.

We saw a house we liked and called our realtor to make an appointment to see it.

We saw it the next day and loved it. Signed the papers to buy it.

On our move in day, we parked down the street so we wouldn’t look like we wanted the owners to hurry up and leave.

Our dog was in the car with us. It was a hot summer day so we opened the car door to let a breeze in for her.

She jumped out of the car, ran to the house, which by the way she had never seen, and barked at the owners to leave.

How do I know what she barked? Because she told me.

How did we know to go to Castle Rock? Our landlord’s dead son told me.

That night, after we got our stuff into the house, our dog stood at the front door. We opened it and she barked out into the neighborhood.

What did she say? We’re home.

Grandma Oli’s Sicilian Cookbook

You might remember that I recently posted about my Ma passing away in September. 😔

She was an amazing Sicilian cook that never took measurements.

I spent two weeks with her cooking 50 of my Ma’s favorite dishes. I took measurements of the recipes and created Grandma Oli’s Sicilian Cookbook

It is now available on Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you can have it by Tuesday! Also, Amazon Prime members get Kindle for free, so you can have it now! You don’t actually need a Kindle, just the app. The Kindle version is formatted differently then the actual paperback.


mangia e divertiti

RIP Ma 1937-2017

The Walking Dead 4/03/16: Last Day on Earth Season Finale

As Negan said, “Pissing our pants yet? Boy do I have a feeling we’re getting close.” Spoiler alert in comments. Join the conversation!

Ha!!! Met Lucille again! It’s been more than a year since we’ve seen her. And we’ve never seen Negan before this. Is he as fierce as you expected him to be? Who do you think got up close and personal with Lucille? Who do you think is helping Morgan and Carol? Could it be…..someone from Kingdom? Oh how I love when the comics collide with the show! Another item to note; the RV and the horse. Was it reminiscent of Dale’s RV? Was the horse reminiscent of Rick’s horse in Atlanta.

The Walking Dead 3/27/16: East

Okay, to start off with, Michonne gives Rick an apple. Is it a forbidden Apple? Adam, Eve? Just had to go there. Real mad that Carol left and Daryl is inconsolable. Makes no sense with all they’ve been through. Because of what the world has become, they should be leaders and not weak minded. Yet, all the death has taken its toll on them. Also, they should not have left Alexandria defenseless. So did Daryl get shot? What are your thoughts?

The Walking Dead 3/20/16: Twice as Far

So the first thing I notice is how green it is outside and how beautiful the flowers are! 🌲. Spring has sprung on the Walking Dead! Everything is in bloom, including the gloom! I was not impressed with this episode and the death scene wasn’t too shocking either. I mean, don’t get me wrong; I’m sad she’s dead. But more because of what she brings to the group, that’s all. There wasn’t enough character development to really be sad. Now the ending, with Carol’s monologue; THAT was unexpected.  I was surprised Denise died because I thought there was such a huge opportunity for character development with her. If Carol dies then I will be extremely sad! Love her crazy ass!! I feel that there hasn’t been much character development of the new people on the show. Makes me wonder if they’ll dive into Negan’s personality. They did that a bit with the Governor. I liked Denise and really thought she’d grow with the show. Become a stronger female character, be the doctor they needed, have a meaningful relationship. They didn’t really dive into it too much and I have to think it’s because they knew they’d kill her off. Do you think they’ll kill Daryl or Carol instead of Glen?

The Walking Dead 3/13/16: The Same Boat

When humanity loses its mind….no I’m not talking politics. Walking Dead, The Same Boat, recap starts now. Join the conversation in the comments. That was an interesting episode. Carol regressed to a broken and abused woman. At least in the mind, she seemed to question herself and all the decisions she’s made up to this point. At the end, so much so that she was putting pressure on the rosary to the point of making herself bleed. And the Mama Bear came out in Maggie for sure. Yet, at the same time, she’s done with the killin. Of course that was after she wanted everyone dead. Ready to settle down and have kids now. Do you agree that they had to kill those women? Do you think they’ve lost their humanity? Are they the bad guys now, as the woman implied? Everyone is protecting Negan which is freaky. Just wait till we meet him…..and Lucille….

I totally thought Carol was acting and doing a worthy job. I thought she’d go all badass and kill them all. It was a strange episode for her to go backwards so much. And I also thought it was interesting that Negan’s people really truly think they are the good guys. Saviors……

They were all saying they were Negan, so weird! Carol totally wanted to save the girl who had been pregnant before but Maggie would have none of that. Very surreal episode. Who’s good and who’s bad? Trust me when I say Negan is super bad! Hehehe! LUCILLE

The Walking Dead 3/06/16: Not Tomorrow Yet

As many of you know, I bake every week for my hubby and son. Oh what a glorious day to start the episode with Carol killing walkers and baking cookies. I got half of that down!
The cemetery sure did seem small and it’s kinda a telling sign of things to come. For it to grow.
Especially after the decision of death to all Saviors. All.
It seemed that Carol needed reassurance for her decisions and actions. Looks like she may have found someone to show her that caring touch she needs. Will this new relationship soften her? Will she bake cakes now?
Abraham was at least honest, Rosita’s not the last woman on earth and he feels the need to help save all women, not just her now. Not an easy statement for a woman in love to hear.
It was interesting to hear Tara ask Gilbert if he was still a priest so she could give a confession. And then perfect that Jesus was sitting in the back seat. Kinda like a real confession!
This episode really made you think of your humanity. What would you do to survive? Would you kill the living? Would you kill an entire community? Would you kill people in their sleep? Not knowing their story or why they are there?
And to have a woman’s voice on the walkie was perfect. Would they kill a woman? Not now. Especially since she has Carol and Maggie.
Did you see the Easter egg? Johnny Depp’s head as a walker? I’ll add a picture of it in the comments next.
Maggie will be around for a long time IMO. Not sure if her pregnancy will go full term. I think we get to meet Negan with Lucille in the finale and we won’t know who they kill until next season. Do you think they’ll kill off someone from the original crew?

The Walking Dead 2/28/16: Knots Untie

Mom and dad….and so it begins! Meet the Clans! So now you know that Jesus has the same job with Hilltop as Aaron has for the Alexandria Safe Zone; to find humans, recruit, or work with them. Finding Harlan, from Hilltop community, was perfect timing, especially for Maggie. And did you notice how Rick wanted Maggie to talk to Gregory? Because “she needs to start doing these things”. Just like the comics. There were many similarities and differences. You find out more about Negan and the Saviors for one. You see that Hilltop is not as secure for another. I’m kinda concerned about them “riding into town” per se, guns a blazing without knowing how many people are in that clan, how well armed they are, and how to get through the entrance undetected. There’s just a few of them with a few guns too. This may not end well….just sayin. What did you think?

It might be that they showed us Lucile early to be prepared. Gregory is an idiot! He reminds me of Trump! Haha! I dunno what’s going on with Abraham, it’ll be good to get that story going more clearly. And I think it must be hard for them to have all the characters in each episode since it is only an hour long with commercials. Carol and Morgan will be back and important to the group still. I’d like to see if the Safe Zone becomes safe again or if they move away. We shall see. I absolutely love the actor playing Negan! He’s a bad man. The Governor will seem tame next to him, IMO. If they had everyone from the original crew going to the Saviors they would kick ass. But alas, some must die.

The Walking Dead 2/21/16: The Next World

Rebuilding the Safe Zone, trying to find people and supplies. Good times. They finally introduce Jesus, Rick’s good friend in the comics. It’ll be interesting to see how that relationship evolves in the show. The hardest part of this episode was watching the truck with supplies sink. Oh man, that sucked! The Deanna scene was so overdone and ridiculous. She was surrounded by a horde of zombies so she’d be gone or bitten big time for sure. Didn’t really see many marks on her which made me not care so much. It’s possible she turned prior to them entering the room she was in but really, who cares! I thought it was nice/creepy that Carl thinks a loved one should kill people they love. I’m thinking he has issues since he did kill his mom. Shakespeare would be proud! Oh and the ending! That’s the way it should be, a friendship that blossoms into a relationship. And then to have Jesus at the foot of your bed! Hallelujah!! We know Negan is close by, now we’ve met Jesus, so will all the groups from the comics come to the small screen too? Will Robert Kirkman mix it up and write something new and exciting or will it repeat the comics from this point on with the characters we know. There are too many new characters and variables so I hope it’s all exciting and fresh!

The Walking Dead 2/14/16: No Way Out

Mid-season opener was AWESOME! I was real worried when they ran into Negan’s people. Then BOOM! From a character that doesn’t even exist in the comics! Daryl is the bomb, but keep in mind, since he doesn’t exist, he can die any moment. Then again, the writers have already shown us that this is not the comics and anything goes. The scene where they’re all walking around the zombies of course makes me wonder why they don’t do that all the time. To go shopping, to get clothes, food, medicine. I’d get all bloody to keep alive and get supplies. Just makes sense and they’ve known that since season one. I think they need more blood on them and of course to shut up! I was hopeful Rick found love, but not so much. Gotta be quiet. Zombies don’t talk. A lot of different stories going on all at once and when they came together it was fabulous. What Rick did at first seemed ridiculous! You cannot beat that many at once! But when everyone came together and worked together, well that was unbelievable. The dead stayed dead. And they were everywhere. Not sure what happens next. Obviously Negan is coming. What are your thoughts?