The Walking Dead 2/21/16: The Next World

Rebuilding the Safe Zone, trying to find people and supplies. Good times. They finally introduce Jesus, Rick’s good friend in the comics. It’ll be interesting to see how that relationship evolves in the show. The hardest part of this episode was watching the truck with supplies sink. Oh man, that sucked! The Deanna scene was so overdone and ridiculous. She was surrounded by a horde of zombies so she’d be gone or bitten big time for sure. Didn’t really see many marks on her which made me not care so much. It’s possible she turned prior to them entering the room she was in but really, who cares! I thought it was nice/creepy that Carl thinks a loved one should kill people they love. I’m thinking he has issues since he did kill his mom. Shakespeare would be proud! Oh and the ending! That’s the way it should be, a friendship that blossoms into a relationship. And then to have Jesus at the foot of your bed! Hallelujah!! We know Negan is close by, now we’ve met Jesus, so will all the groups from the comics come to the small screen too? Will Robert Kirkman mix it up and write something new and exciting or will it repeat the comics from this point on with the characters we know. There are too many new characters and variables so I hope it’s all exciting and fresh!