The Walking Dead 2/14/16: No Way Out

Mid-season opener was AWESOME! I was real worried when they ran into Negan’s people. Then BOOM! From a character that doesn’t even exist in the comics! Daryl is the bomb, but keep in mind, since he doesn’t exist, he can die any moment. Then again, the writers have already shown us that this is not the comics and anything goes. The scene where they’re all walking around the zombies of course makes me wonder why they don’t do that all the time. To go shopping, to get clothes, food, medicine. I’d get all bloody to keep alive and get supplies. Just makes sense and they’ve known that since season one. I think they need more blood on them and of course to shut up! I was hopeful Rick found love, but not so much. Gotta be quiet. Zombies don’t talk. A lot of different stories going on all at once and when they came together it was fabulous. What Rick did at first seemed ridiculous! You cannot beat that many at once! But when everyone came together and worked together, well that was unbelievable. The dead stayed dead. And they were everywhere. Not sure what happens next. Obviously Negan is coming. What are your thoughts?