The Walking Dead 2/28/16: Knots Untie

Mom and dad….and so it begins! Meet the Clans! So now you know that Jesus has the same job with Hilltop as Aaron has for the Alexandria Safe Zone; to find humans, recruit, or work with them. Finding Harlan, from Hilltop community, was perfect timing, especially for Maggie. And did you notice how Rick wanted Maggie to talk to Gregory? Because “she needs to start doing these things”. Just like the comics. There were many similarities and differences. You find out more about Negan and the Saviors for one. You see that Hilltop is not as secure for another. I’m kinda concerned about them “riding into town” per se, guns a blazing without knowing how many people are in that clan, how well armed they are, and how to get through the entrance undetected. There’s just a few of them with a few guns too. This may not end well….just sayin. What did you think?

It might be that they showed us Lucile early to be prepared. Gregory is an idiot! He reminds me of Trump! Haha! I dunno what’s going on with Abraham, it’ll be good to get that story going more clearly. And I think it must be hard for them to have all the characters in each episode since it is only an hour long with commercials. Carol and Morgan will be back and important to the group still. I’d like to see if the Safe Zone becomes safe again or if they move away. We shall see. I absolutely love the actor playing Negan! He’s a bad man. The Governor will seem tame next to him, IMO. If they had everyone from the original crew going to the Saviors they would kick ass. But alas, some must die.