The Walking Dead 3/06/16: Not Tomorrow Yet

As many of you know, I bake every week for my hubby and son. Oh what a glorious day to start the episode with Carol killing walkers and baking cookies. I got half of that down!
The cemetery sure did seem small and it’s kinda a telling sign of things to come. For it to grow.
Especially after the decision of death to all Saviors. All.
It seemed that Carol needed reassurance for her decisions and actions. Looks like she may have found someone to show her that caring touch she needs. Will this new relationship soften her? Will she bake cakes now?
Abraham was at least honest, Rosita’s not the last woman on earth and he feels the need to help save all women, not just her now. Not an easy statement for a woman in love to hear.
It was interesting to hear Tara ask Gilbert if he was still a priest so she could give a confession. And then perfect that Jesus was sitting in the back seat. Kinda like a real confession!
This episode really made you think of your humanity. What would you do to survive? Would you kill the living? Would you kill an entire community? Would you kill people in their sleep? Not knowing their story or why they are there?
And to have a woman’s voice on the walkie was perfect. Would they kill a woman? Not now. Especially since she has Carol and Maggie.
Did you see the Easter egg? Johnny Depp’s head as a walker? I’ll add a picture of it in the comments next.
Maggie will be around for a long time IMO. Not sure if her pregnancy will go full term. I think we get to meet Negan with Lucille in the finale and we won’t know who they kill until next season. Do you think they’ll kill off someone from the original crew?