The Walking Dead 3/13/16: The Same Boat

When humanity loses its mind….no I’m not talking politics. Walking Dead, The Same Boat, recap starts now. Join the conversation in the comments. That was an interesting episode. Carol regressed to a broken and abused woman. At least in the mind, she seemed to question herself and all the decisions she’s made up to this point. At the end, so much so that she was putting pressure on the rosary to the point of making herself bleed. And the Mama Bear came out in Maggie for sure. Yet, at the same time, she’s done with the killin. Of course that was after she wanted everyone dead. Ready to settle down and have kids now. Do you agree that they had to kill those women? Do you think they’ve lost their humanity? Are they the bad guys now, as the woman implied? Everyone is protecting Negan which is freaky. Just wait till we meet him…..and Lucille….

I totally thought Carol was acting and doing a worthy job. I thought she’d go all badass and kill them all. It was a strange episode for her to go backwards so much. And I also thought it was interesting that Negan’s people really truly think they are the good guys. Saviors……

They were all saying they were Negan, so weird! Carol totally wanted to save the girl who had been pregnant before but Maggie would have none of that. Very surreal episode. Who’s good and who’s bad? Trust me when I say Negan is super bad! Hehehe! LUCILLE