The Walking Dead 3/20/16: Twice as Far

So the first thing I notice is how green it is outside and how beautiful the flowers are! 🌲. Spring has sprung on the Walking Dead! Everything is in bloom, including the gloom! I was not impressed with this episode and the death scene wasn’t too shocking either. I mean, don’t get me wrong; I’m sad she’s dead. But more because of what she brings to the group, that’s all. There wasn’t enough character development to really be sad. Now the ending, with Carol’s monologue; THAT was unexpected.  I was surprised Denise died because I thought there was such a huge opportunity for character development with her. If Carol dies then I will be extremely sad! Love her crazy ass!! I feel that there hasn’t been much character development of the new people on the show. Makes me wonder if they’ll dive into Negan’s personality. They did that a bit with the Governor. I liked Denise and really thought she’d grow with the show. Become a stronger female character, be the doctor they needed, have a meaningful relationship. They didn’t really dive into it too much and I have to think it’s because they knew they’d kill her off. Do you think they’ll kill Daryl or Carol instead of Glen?