The Walking Dead 3/15/15: Spend

What I got out of this episode is a couple of things.

For the ones outside of Alexandria Safe Zone, both groups had the same issue: do you leave a person behind to save yourself? We got to see how it played out. It’s interesting that Rick’s group is always willing to save the humans. I don’t call them people, just human because they care only for themselves: selfish! How will Deanna react to her son’s death? What did you think about Noah, pretty gruesome? The foreman of the construction crew at least knew what needed to happen and let Abraham be in charge.

And then there is Carol! Carol is so broken, my heart goes out to her! She lost an abusive husband but the only man she loved and her precious daughter. This allows her to see the abusive nature of Peter, Sam’s dad. She’s right, he needs to die and Rick’s the one to do it. Why do the kids try and connect with Carol? It’s more than just cookies because all kids have connected to her.

Oh Father Gabriel! How lost and wrong you are! Take off the collar because you don’t deserve to wear it. Pope Francis would be ashamed of you! Rick’s crew are the ONLY people who actually care about other people! I mean come on, are you kidding me! He’s so broken that he really (seriously really people) needs to die!

It’s an episode that was more of one to lead up to the next. It’s getting interesting and then it’ll be done for the summer.

They want you to look at the flowers.