The Walking Dead 3/8/15: Forget

Oh jeez BUTTONS! You were only there for a few minutes and I’m sad you’re gone! Why is it we have a hard time with animals dying more so than humans? The job Aaron offered Daryl was spot on! Daryl looked like he was going to cry when Aaron offered it to him too! Also, you do not want to be a kid near Carol! You’ll be looking at the flowers or getting eaten by walkers outside of the walls. Go for the cookies kid, oh myyy! Did you notice how the original crew is fearful or hopeful? That’s a good group, when no one is alike and is an individual. Keeps everyone balanced that way. Then you have Sasha who’s losing it! She did lose her boyfriend and brother recently so we should cut her some slack. I would be more skeptical of humans, the living, more than anything else. You cannot let your guard down, it’s the zombie apocalypse and humans are mean! Have you wondered how the walls in this cute community have lasted this long with no issues and you bring Rick’s crew there then bad luck begins? Karma is a bitch! The season is almost over, what’s next? Will we see Negan or the wolves? Is the W for the wolves? Will Morgan show up again? What are your thoughts?