The Walking Dead 3/29/15: Conquer

We now know, the Wolves. Everything gets returned. Opening scene with Morgan was badass awesome, yet he should have straight up killed them. The “wolf” was clear that they take what they want and burn the place down. Morgan unfortunately is wrong, all life is not precious. Carol knows how to deal with it all now; dead, living, adults, children, baking and cooking. An abused woman who hasn’t gotten professional help during the zombie apocalypse is the voice of reason, go figure. Sasha burying the dead is her way of closure, cleaning it up and moving on….or resting with them…..weird. Asking Father Gabriel for anything after everything she knows means she’s still trying to deal. The last twelve minutes is what this episode was all about! That’s when the “shi**” Abraham was talking about went down. I felt so bad for Deanna, she lost her son and then her husband within, what, a week? Jesh! But the last scene, her giving the okay to kill a human, Rick shooting him, and Morgan seeing it! Morgan’s been looking for Rick this entire time and to see him kill a human…all life is precious….this will be interesting. Recap signing off until Halloween. Final words, what are your thoughts.