The Walking Dead 11/30/14: Coda Mid-Season Finale

Watched the episode that broke social media…..meh……which is what I actually expected. Beth was not a “main” character so I didn’t have a connection to her. Maggie should be worried since she’s the only one left from the Hershel Farm. Now had it been Carol, oh man! So far this season is disappointing. The only exception is the new characters who might live a few episodes for me to actually care about them before they’re killed or eaten. I’m currently re-watching the series and find it interesting that Carol propositioned Daryl back in season 3 and he laughed it off! Carol has gone from a victim to bad-a$$ and will only get better! Michonne is still my favorite character and the actress who plays her is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Oh right, got off track, back to the episode. Gabriel and the church were the best parts of this episode and that was a frustrating scene if you think about it. I mean, he sneaks out only to beg to get back in and have the place overrun by the zombies he lead there. What is his story? Well like I said, me personally, I’m ready for February. Bring in the new adventures! What say you???