The Walking Dead 5th Season Premiere 10/12/14: No Sanctuary

Terminus, oh how I loathe you. I’m a zombie fan true and true, but cannibals…yuk! This was indeed the hardest episode for me to watch. And to re-watch it for this blog, double yuk! The opening scene of death just kills me, pun intended. The herd of walkers by Tyreese, Carol and the baby was pretty big and they’re lucky Judith didn’t wake up. This is an episode that showed just what a bad ass Carol really is and what she’s capable of. She covers herself in blood and gets the walkers to gather. If it wasn’t for Carol they’d all be dead meat, pun intended again! To feed Mary to the walkers was poetic justice. Tyreese survives walking amongst the walkers and saves Judith from a madman. For Carol to bring them together, have an opportunity to show her worth, be with her people again, now that’s what this show is all about. Is this the last we’ll see of Terminus?