The Journey Continues

On August 25th I started this journey to write a novel, a sci-fi fantasy story based in our world yet made up in my mind. February 25th is my self imposed deadline, 6 months. Some thought it was a stretch. Working full time with a bit of a drive and spending time with my family would not be interrupted. I had to work around life to write. Usually the middle of the night, on scratch papers I stuck in my pocket while grocery shopping, talking to myself in my tape recorder (extremely old school!). I truly tried to write 2,000 words a night at least 5 days a week. Had I done that, I would have written 2 books! Will I meet my deadline? Only time will tell. Once I’m done with the meat part of the story, then there’s the potatoes and dessert that have to be added to intrigue you and keep you reading, wanting to turn the page. My biggest mistake I think is rewriting it while I’m writing the first draft! Everyone said, just write the entire story and fix it later. I am constantly reading it and adding more potatoes. I’ve moved on to just meat again and if you know me, you know I’m a side dish girl. Well enough of the analogies. I’m gonna go to bed right now and have a fresh start tomorrow night. Stay tuned……………..