The Walking Dead 3/8/15: Forget

Oh jeez BUTTONS! You were only there for a few minutes and I’m sad you’re gone! Why is it we have a hard time with animals dying more so than humans? The job Aaron offered Daryl was spot on! Daryl looked like he was going to cry when Aaron offered it to him too! Also, you do not want to be a kid near Carol! You’ll be looking at the flowers or getting eaten by walkers outside of the walls. Go for the cookies kid, oh myyy! Did you notice how the original crew is fearful or hopeful? That’s a good group, when no one is alike and is an individual. Keeps everyone balanced that way. Then you have Sasha who’s losing it! She did lose her boyfriend and brother recently so we should cut her some slack. I would be more skeptical of humans, the living, more than anything else. You cannot let your guard down, it’s the zombie apocalypse and humans are mean! Have you wondered how the walls in this cute community have lasted this long with no issues and you bring Rick’s crew there then bad luck begins? Karma is a bitch! The season is almost over, what’s next? Will we see Negan or the wolves? Is the W for the wolves? Will Morgan show up again? What are your thoughts?

The Walking Dead 3/1/15: Remember

The Alexandria Safe Zone is in the comics too. Of course, there are different characters in addition to the same characters with different attitudes. How is it that this group has survived without outsiders coming and trying to take it away? They don’t seem to have anyone tough that’s in a protector position. The evolution of Carl is interesting. Rick and Carl’s bonding moment killing walkers is touching, umm I guess. Like Rick said, they’ll just take the place if they can’t make it work. He’s become the walking dead since he no longer wants to live with people. Very sweet quaint little community right….hmm, time will tell.

The Walking Dead 2/22/15: The Distance

This was a good episode but we don’t have many left! Found out more about Aaron along with Eric. Finally made it to Alexandria, where they call the zombies “roamers”. Will it start to follow the basis of the comics now? Will we meet the factions and their leaders? Is it safe in Alexandria? Time will tell. Best line of course was Carol, when she said “Even though you were wrong, you’re still right.” Exactly!

The Walking Dead 2/8/15: What Happened and What’s Going On

I’ve heard some say the episode was boring. I, however, loved it! It took its time to show pictures and people we don’t know but now have a better understanding of Noah for it. I enjoyed the “dead” coming to haunt Tyreese. They helped him go to the other side. I wish cutting his arm off had worked though. I’m also happy to see they have a new mission to go to Washington and see if there are more survivors. I would think it will be chaos there. I loved all the “Easter eggs”. Glenn with a bat, barbed wire close by, and zombies with a mark on their forehead. The Saviors are coming! Haha!! What are your thoughts?

The Walking Dead 11/30/14: Coda Mid-Season Finale

Watched the episode that broke social media…..meh……which is what I actually expected. Beth was not a “main” character so I didn’t have a connection to her. Maggie should be worried since she’s the only one left from the Hershel Farm. Now had it been Carol, oh man! So far this season is disappointing. The only exception is the new characters who might live a few episodes for me to actually care about them before they’re killed or eaten. I’m currently re-watching the series and find it interesting that Carol propositioned Daryl back in season 3 and he laughed it off! Carol has gone from a victim to bad-a$$ and will only get better! Michonne is still my favorite character and the actress who plays her is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Oh right, got off track, back to the episode. Gabriel and the church were the best parts of this episode and that was a frustrating scene if you think about it. I mean, he sneaks out only to beg to get back in and have the place overrun by the zombies he lead there. What is his story? Well like I said, me personally, I’m ready for February. Bring in the new adventures! What say you???

The Walking Dead 11/23/14: Crossed

Well this episode was interesting in the sense of the evolution of Rick. He went from- let’s save and help everyone, to- let’s kill them and ask questions later. I get it, he’s been to the prison, with the governor, not feeling the love of the people. On another note, what was Sasha thinking!?/)/&! I mean DUH!!!! AND what a bada$$ Daryl is for beating that guy with a head! My kinda man! I actually don’t think the mid-season finale will be that interesting since I don’t care for the people at Grady Hospital besides Carol. Ready to move on and get the group back together. Thoughts??