The Walking Dead 11/23/14: Crossed

Well this episode was interesting in the sense of the evolution of Rick. He went from- let’s save and help everyone, to- let’s kill them and ask questions later. I get it, he’s been to the prison, with the governor, not feeling the love of the people. On another note, what was Sasha thinking!?/)/&! I mean DUH!!!! AND what a bada$$ Daryl is for beating that guy with a head! My kinda man! I actually don’t think the mid-season finale will be that interesting since I don’t care for the people at Grady Hospital besides Carol. Ready to move on and get the group back together. Thoughts??

The Walking Dead 11/16/14: Consumed

It was good to get some background on Carol and her story of when she left the group and was on her own for a bit. This episode was about the mid-season final and setting it up for us. I hope everyone is back at the church to help out, including Beth’s sister Maggie. On another note, people have asked if I’m on team Carol or team Beth for Daryl to get together with. Well, Beth’s character is 16 and totally wrong for Daryl to even consider. The actress is 28 and that’s totally irrelevant. Carol is a woman and therefore the right one for him. Her real age in 49 and she looks awesome for her age and really any age. Thoughts??

The Walking Dead 11/9/14: Self Help

Many thought this was a boring episode, I actually liked the episode because it explained a little about Abraham and you finally found out Eugene was lying. They should go back to the church now. Also, will Abraham finally commit suicide? There has to be episodes about the characters background and the human aspect of it all. It’s not easy writing background and keeping it exciting, I understand that all too well! However, I prefer all episodes to include Daryl. There are 3 stories right now and hopefully they can tie them back together again. Then the 4th story (Morgan) can start again. I think next week you’ll be happy and then they’ll be on a break probably.

The Walking Dead 11/2/14: Slabtown

The main group of people, Rick and buddies are not alone and not together. So now we have three possible groups to watch; Rick at the church, Glenn on his way to Washington, and Beth and Carol at the hospital. Of course my thoughts immediately go to how do they have water and detergent to constantly clean the clothes! I don’t get their mentality, let’s save lives just to make them work and take advantage of the women. What happened to Carol and how did she get separated from Daryl? Also, did you notice that all the cars outside were the ones that took Beth? They are lying!! They took Beth and crashed with Daryl’s car and took Carol. Who was Daryl talking to in the other episode because it’s obviously not Carol or Beth? Maybe another woman who escaped the hospital? Until next week! Please post your thoughts too.

The Walking Dead 5th Season Premiere 10/12/14: No Sanctuary

Terminus, oh how I loathe you. I’m a zombie fan true and true, but cannibals…yuk! This was indeed the hardest episode for me to watch. And to re-watch it for this blog, double yuk! The opening scene of death just kills me, pun intended. The herd of walkers by Tyreese, Carol and the baby was pretty big and they’re lucky Judith didn’t wake up. This is an episode that showed just what a bad ass Carol really is and what she’s capable of. She covers herself in blood and gets the walkers to gather. If it wasn’t for Carol they’d all be dead meat, pun intended again! To feed Mary to the walkers was poetic justice. Tyreese survives walking amongst the walkers and saves Judith from a madman. For Carol to bring them together, have an opportunity to show her worth, be with her people again, now that’s what this show is all about. Is this the last we’ll see of Terminus?

Denver Comic Con 2014

The last three days were amazing! Not only did we have wonderful weather during this Father’s Day weekend, we also had an extraordinary annual event that took place here in Colorado: Denver Comic Con.

Comic Cons take place all over the world. They’re an opportunity for nerds of all walks of life and diverse lifestyles to gather and cosplay. Everyone at these Comic Cons enjoy true diversity that they feel to the core of their soul. It wakes them up, screams in their face and dances with them as they journey through every panel, exhibit, and performance. I’m not kidding, there’s always some tap dancing going on, I just know it.

To make this particular Comic Con even more spectacular, Denver’s is for a good cause. Denver Comic Con is part of the Comic Book Classroom program, which is a non-profit organization. This event raises funds to help promote literacy for children. We attend the Denver Comic Con event every year since it launched three years ago.

Last year it was unexpectedly crazy busy with delayed starts that caused chaos for the crowd and disorganization for the staff. It made me think of what life would be like during a zombie apocalypse. So this year I used doomsday prep techniques. I bought our tickets 8 months in advance. I am happy to say that the world was not taken over by zombies and we were able to exchange our 8-month-old tickets for badges two days prior to the start of this event. I almost felt like a proud mama, but we still had to see the opening of the doors on Friday morning. That was going to be the moment of truth and we were, of course, prepared.

Hours prior to opening time on Friday, we parked our car at a Light Rail station to take the train into Denver and have a quick get-away by foot if need be. There was no way we were going to drive into the mouth of this beast. Many cosplay attendees were on the train with us ready for the adventure we were about to take together.

We arrived at the Denver Convention Center and were quickly herded into a long line. I was scoping out our escape route, just in-case zombies did arrive. There were a few moments of group chanting and “the wave” being performed. At 10 minutes to opening, a few of the staff members came out the doors. There was panic. Will they delay this by two hours like last year, are they going to tell all of us that we’re in the wrong line, we need to go to the other side of the building and start all over, or were they going to feed us to zombies. To my surprise, they handed out lanyards to put our badges on. You could hear a sigh of relief throughout the crowd. Then with just a few minutes to go, they ran out of lanyards to hand out and I thought it would start a stampede. A staff member took lead of his group of red shirt co-workers, spoke calmly, authoritatively, and let the crowd know that they were about to open the doors, if you didn’t get a lanyard, then the additional lanyards could be found throughout the convention center and not to panic. A minute later the doors opened and the cast of cosplayers walked through the doors in a most organized manner. That my friends was the beginning to the best Comic Con I have attended.

Here are the panels I attended:

  •          A Guide to Traditional Publication for Novelists
  •          Focus on Ellie-Ann Sodertrom
  •          Unlocking the Story Within
  •          Focus on writers Amalie Howard and Kristie Helvig
  •          The importance of strong female characters in sci-fi/fantasy
  •          Women in Fiction

After each panel, I met with a few of the authors. To my surprise, one of the authors, Sarha Ockler, had last worked for the company I currently work for. Then to a panel that focused on just one author, Ellie-Ann Sodertrom. She is the phenomenal author of The Silver Sickle that I was sure to pick up a copy of while at the Con. Can’t wait to read it! She had such great insight into the industry and what it takes to make it as a female author. I also enjoyed meeting with two authors Amalie Howard and Kristie Helvig after their panel. Amalie is the author of Waterfell, The Almost Girl, and Alpha Goddess. Kristie is the author of Burn Out. I was sure to pick up a couple of copies of their books too. Their panel was a discussion between both authors and the audience throughout the hour. It was such a delight to go to each of these panels, hear their stories, learn from professional authors and be among creative souls.

In addition to the panels, there was plenty of good food and entertainment too. A few highlights for my husband and son; Our son won raffles both Saturday and Sunday in the Gaming Room. My husband spent time with our tattoo artist at his booth.

The event was well organized this year. There were a few technical glitches on Friday. The staff handled it well, really learned from last year’s mistakes, and stayed calm. The zombies that were there were all cosplayers and looked realistic, yet didn’t bite anyone. We’ll be back again next year. Same bat time same bat place. Now back to our normally programmed schedule. Make it a great Monday!

The Journey Continues

On August 25th I started this journey to write a novel, a sci-fi fantasy story based in our world yet made up in my mind. February 25th is my self imposed deadline, 6 months. Some thought it was a stretch. Working full time with a bit of a drive and spending time with my family would not be interrupted. I had to work around life to write. Usually the middle of the night, on scratch papers I stuck in my pocket while grocery shopping, talking to myself in my tape recorder (extremely old school!). I truly tried to write 2,000 words a night at least 5 days a week. Had I done that, I would have written 2 books! Will I meet my deadline? Only time will tell. Once I’m done with the meat part of the story, then there’s the potatoes and dessert that have to be added to intrigue you and keep you reading, wanting to turn the page. My biggest mistake I think is rewriting it while I’m writing the first draft! Everyone said, just write the entire story and fix it later. I am constantly reading it and adding more potatoes. I’ve moved on to just meat again and if you know me, you know I’m a side dish girl. Well enough of the analogies. I’m gonna go to bed right now and have a fresh start tomorrow night. Stay tuned……………..