The Walking Dead 11/29/15: Start To Finish

What a mid-season finale! No one died….yet. Who do you think will die? Maggie, the wolf, Deanna is due to go for sure we just didn’t see it. The horde looked like what I see every year at the zombie crawl, good times! Negan is on his way to visit for sure. Will he have another Lucile for Glenn? Will they rebuild Alexandria? Will that kid stop calling his mom?

The Walking Dead 3/29/15: Conquer

We now know, the Wolves. Everything gets returned. Opening scene with Morgan was badass awesome, yet he should have straight up killed them. The “wolf” was clear that they take what they want and burn the place down. Morgan unfortunately is wrong, all life is not precious. Carol knows how to deal with it all now; dead, living, adults, children, baking and cooking. An abused woman who hasn’t gotten professional help during the zombie apocalypse is the voice of reason, go figure. Sasha burying the dead is her way of closure, cleaning it up and moving on….or resting with them…..weird. Asking Father Gabriel for anything after everything she knows means she’s still trying to deal. The last twelve minutes is what this episode was all about! That’s when the “shi**” Abraham was talking about went down. I felt so bad for Deanna, she lost her son and then her husband within, what, a week? Jesh! But the last scene, her giving the okay to kill a human, Rick shooting him, and Morgan seeing it! Morgan’s been looking for Rick this entire time and to see him kill a human…all life is precious….this will be interesting. Recap signing off until Halloween. Final words, what are your thoughts.

The Walking Dead 3/22/15: Try

Some believe the W is for the Wolves from the comics. Or possibly the Scavengers, which makes more sense from the comic book perspective. I think it’s something closer to home. When Deanna mentioned to Rick that they don’t kill humans just make them leave. Well, what if they make them leave AND carve a W in their forehead too. Just sayin it could be something sadistic like that too. No one’s gone there as a theory so I thought I would. Kinda like the scarlet letter, just being carved into you instead. Sasha is fine, she’s just healing her own way. She lost a brother and a boyfriend, it totally makes sense. She’s not insane, just grieving. Michonne understood that and for a brief moment joined in too. It can’t be easy losing loved ones in that world. But let’s move on people! Then there’s Carl. I think he likes that girl, who by the way is obviously an idiot! Who hides in a tree with walkers around? I mean really, what were they thinking! Young foolish love is all I can say. Sam, yet again, spying on Carol is creepy. Carol’s peace offering to Deanna was so cute, right? A woman loses her only son and Carol leaves a little food as a condolence. You would think that the community would have a funeral or something. Where is everyone all the time???? Such an odd place. Such odd people. I can’t wrap my head around how strange they all are. They seem more like the walking dead than alive. Then there’s the story of Jesse, Rick and Pete. He beats his wife and scares his kid. This is absolutely not acceptable yet should he die for it? In a civilized society we would have the person seek help, get a divorce, yet there’s nothing civilized left is what Rick is saying. Not sure why Michonne hit Rick. Yes, Rick was a bit whacked, but again, does he need to be hit? Are we left with violence as the answer to everything? Do we allow this type of behavior because of what “job” the individual can do for the greater good of the group? And we finally saw who took Rick’s gun. Thoughts? Surprised? Daryl has no idea what’s going on back there and he won’t be happy when he sees the end results. That’ll be interesting for sure! The safe zone is far from safe since humans are not all they seem to be. Why can’t we all just get along……

The Walking Dead 3/15/15: Spend

What I got out of this episode is a couple of things.

For the ones outside of Alexandria Safe Zone, both groups had the same issue: do you leave a person behind to save yourself? We got to see how it played out. It’s interesting that Rick’s group is always willing to save the humans. I don’t call them people, just human because they care only for themselves: selfish! How will Deanna react to her son’s death? What did you think about Noah, pretty gruesome? The foreman of the construction crew at least knew what needed to happen and let Abraham be in charge.

And then there is Carol! Carol is so broken, my heart goes out to her! She lost an abusive husband but the only man she loved and her precious daughter. This allows her to see the abusive nature of Peter, Sam’s dad. She’s right, he needs to die and Rick’s the one to do it. Why do the kids try and connect with Carol? It’s more than just cookies because all kids have connected to her.

Oh Father Gabriel! How lost and wrong you are! Take off the collar because you don’t deserve to wear it. Pope Francis would be ashamed of you! Rick’s crew are the ONLY people who actually care about other people! I mean come on, are you kidding me! He’s so broken that he really (seriously really people) needs to die!

It’s an episode that was more of one to lead up to the next. It’s getting interesting and then it’ll be done for the summer.

They want you to look at the flowers.

The Walking Dead 3/8/15: Forget

Oh jeez BUTTONS! You were only there for a few minutes and I’m sad you’re gone! Why is it we have a hard time with animals dying more so than humans? The job Aaron offered Daryl was spot on! Daryl looked like he was going to cry when Aaron offered it to him too! Also, you do not want to be a kid near Carol! You’ll be looking at the flowers or getting eaten by walkers outside of the walls. Go for the cookies kid, oh myyy! Did you notice how the original crew is fearful or hopeful? That’s a good group, when no one is alike and is an individual. Keeps everyone balanced that way. Then you have Sasha who’s losing it! She did lose her boyfriend and brother recently so we should cut her some slack. I would be more skeptical of humans, the living, more than anything else. You cannot let your guard down, it’s the zombie apocalypse and humans are mean! Have you wondered how the walls in this cute community have lasted this long with no issues and you bring Rick’s crew there then bad luck begins? Karma is a bitch! The season is almost over, what’s next? Will we see Negan or the wolves? Is the W for the wolves? Will Morgan show up again? What are your thoughts?

The Walking Dead 3/1/15: Remember

The Alexandria Safe Zone is in the comics too. Of course, there are different characters in addition to the same characters with different attitudes. How is it that this group has survived without outsiders coming and trying to take it away? They don’t seem to have anyone tough that’s in a protector position. The evolution of Carl is interesting. Rick and Carl’s bonding moment killing walkers is touching, umm I guess. Like Rick said, they’ll just take the place if they can’t make it work. He’s become the walking dead since he no longer wants to live with people. Very sweet quaint little community right….hmm, time will tell.

The Walking Dead 2/22/15: The Distance

This was a good episode but we don’t have many left! Found out more about Aaron along with Eric. Finally made it to Alexandria, where they call the zombies “roamers”. Will it start to follow the basis of the comics now? Will we meet the factions and their leaders? Is it safe in Alexandria? Time will tell. Best line of course was Carol, when she said “Even though you were wrong, you’re still right.” Exactly!

The Walking Dead 2/8/15: What Happened and What’s Going On

I’ve heard some say the episode was boring. I, however, loved it! It took its time to show pictures and people we don’t know but now have a better understanding of Noah for it. I enjoyed the “dead” coming to haunt Tyreese. They helped him go to the other side. I wish cutting his arm off had worked though. I’m also happy to see they have a new mission to go to Washington and see if there are more survivors. I would think it will be chaos there. I loved all the “Easter eggs”. Glenn with a bat, barbed wire close by, and zombies with a mark on their forehead. The Saviors are coming! Haha!! What are your thoughts?

The Walking Dead 11/30/14: Coda Mid-Season Finale

Watched the episode that broke social media…..meh……which is what I actually expected. Beth was not a “main” character so I didn’t have a connection to her. Maggie should be worried since she’s the only one left from the Hershel Farm. Now had it been Carol, oh man! So far this season is disappointing. The only exception is the new characters who might live a few episodes for me to actually care about them before they’re killed or eaten. I’m currently re-watching the series and find it interesting that Carol propositioned Daryl back in season 3 and he laughed it off! Carol has gone from a victim to bad-a$$ and will only get better! Michonne is still my favorite character and the actress who plays her is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Oh right, got off track, back to the episode. Gabriel and the church were the best parts of this episode and that was a frustrating scene if you think about it. I mean, he sneaks out only to beg to get back in and have the place overrun by the zombies he lead there. What is his story? Well like I said, me personally, I’m ready for February. Bring in the new adventures! What say you???